DronePortal 2017 by Drone-Racing Belgium

After a great edition of the DronePortal event in 2016, Drone-racing Belgium presents an even greater version of their indoor spectacle. The members of Drone-Racing Belgium aren’t just testing the waters. In the two years they are active, they gave everything they’ve got to shape the FPV drone-racing in Belgium. Their website (www.droneracingbelgium.be) offers an ideal platform to get people together, to share ideas and to organise events. At the time of writing, the counter is at 75 public events and 463 registered pilots. Because of their commitment and together with the support of the FPV-racing community, a lot of things have been accomplished including periodical trainingsessions in the parking lot of C-Mine in Genk, a wireless timing system, etc.

DronePortal 2017 logo

For this edition of Droneportal, a whopping 64 pilots from 7 different countries have travelled to Droneport in Brustem to compete against each other on a breath taking indoor track. Just like last year, a lot of attention has been paid to the racetrack, which featured worlds first computerized RGB LED-gates. More than 50 illuminated track objects, 250 meters of LEDstrips (around 15000 LEDs), 1200 meters of cable and 5 DMX-controllers were used to shape the track. The public could enjoy the races with a full view of the track and live-video feeds on big screens that were set up all around.

DronePortal 2017 badges

This time the event was held on saturday and sunday. Saturday was all about qualification. The fastest 12 pilotes were sure of a spot in the finals on sunday and got the chance in the evening to do extra practice heats on the night track. The other 4 qualified pilots were selected on sunday, where 3 extra qualifying heats were held.

After registration, handing out the pilot badges and technical inspection of the quads, a general briefing was held were the rules were clearly listed. The qualification format was easy: 4 heats of 3 minutes were pilots tried to fly as many complete laps as possible. The worst result got cancelled and the other heats were add up to an endresult. These results lead to the first 12 qualified pilots.

DronePortal 2017 public fpv screen

Throughout the day, running the heats went almost flawless. The few problems that arose were mostly due to faulty video transmitters from crashes in previous heats. The organisation provided groundstations (the receivers of the video signal) for every pilot with ClearView receivers. These receivers provide a better video signal in rough environments like indoors and were the perfect choice for this event.

Throughout the event the public and pilots could enjoy drinks and snacks. The burgers and pasta were a perfect match for this great weekend!

DronePortal 2017 snacks and drinks

DronePortal 2017 final line-up

On Sunday, the remaining pilots gathered to fight for the last 4 spots in the finals. Around noon, all 16 qualified pilots were known and the finals could take off! These heats were flown in a double elemination tournament scheme, so that one crash doesn’t mean you’re out of the tournament.
The foreign pilots apperantly didn’t travel that far for a position in the midfield. The final four contenders were from The Netherlands, Russia and Germany. During the final race there was no room for tactics. Everyone flew to the limit from start to end. Dutch pilot Dino Joghi (again) took 1st place! The winner from last years edition extended his title as the number one of DronePortal with a perfect final race! 2nd place went to Bor (Gleb Shirshov), in 3rd was Fullstick FPV (Martijn De Kemp).

DronePortal 2017 winner Dino Joghi

An exiting end of an amazing event!

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